The Huronia Stallions Football program recently named its Dan White Memorial Pride Award winners for its house league development program.  The house league program began in 1999 and has become the most important aspect in the growth and development of the Stallions organization.  The league operates teams in Barrie and Orillia in three age categories ranging from ages 8 to 13.  This year there were fifty-six players on the Junior Varsity and Varsity rep squads who had played in the house league system.  Its focus is on participation and teamwork in a cooperative and non-competitive environment.  No score is kept during games and players are encouraged to play a variety of positions to promote a fun and inclusive experience for all.  There have also been a number of girls who have played over the years because of this philosophy.  The only award given for each house league team is a pride award and not an MVP to recognize players that demonstrate commitment, discipline, teamwork skills, and a positive attitude.

2018 Dan White Memorial Pride Award Winners


Purple: Ayden Rocco

White:  Carson “Big Red” Patel

Gold: Christopher Hitchins

Granite: Andrew Thorn



Purple: Brydon Ross

White: Travis Batchelor

Gold: Mandela Campbell

Granite: Malachi Calliste



Purple: Chase “CJ” Clark

White: Issac Tanguay-Parker

Gold: Adam Wiltshire

Granite: Kai Elford


Photo and Article By: Jason Romisher