Ontario Football Conference History

Our History

The Ontario Football Conference (OFC) runs in two separate divisions: “Varsity” for ages 11 to 19, and “Junior” for ages 17 to 24.

In 2008, the OFC decided to launch a brand new varsity division (ages 17 to 19), and eventually expanded in 2009 to include pee wee (11-12), bantam (13-14), and junior varsity (15-16) for a total 16 teams, and once again in 2010, expanding to a total of 36 teams across four separate age groups.

Currently, there are over 60 teams that compete in the OFC “Varsity Division” (ages 11 to 19), making the OFC the fastest growing amateur football league in all of Ontario (and Canada).

With the exception of the pee wee division, the entire league plays an exclusive and exciting brand of three down Canadian-style football, helping to prepare our young Canadian athletes for Junior OFC football (ages 17 to 24) and/or Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS).

The OFC Story

The OFC was founded in the mid-1950s by the Toronto Argonaut Old Boys, led by Don Durno and Dan Shaw. The conference consisted of several teams from the Toronto area, such as: Scarborough, Weston, Parkdale and Lakeshore, among others.

In 1957, the Burlington Braves joined the conference, and then Oshawa and Hamilton followed in the early 60’s.

In 1970, the OFC and the Junior ORFU (Ontario Rugby Football Union) amalgamated with teams from Windsor, Sarnia and Brantford to become a part of the new Ontario Football Conference. Later, the Ottawa Sooners of the Ontario Quebec League joined the OFC, as did a team from Verdun, Quebec. The conference provides a place for players ages 22 and under to continue playing the game of football.

OFC Today

Over the years, the OFC Junior had fluctuated in membership with as many as 13 teams and three divisions during the 1970’s.

Currently, there are eight teams competing in the OFC Junior Division: the Burlington Braves, the London Beefeaters, the St. Leonard Cougars, the Windsor AKO Fratmen, the Hamilton Hurricanes, the Ottawa Sooners, the Twin Cities (Kitchener) Predators, and the Brampton (GTA) Bears.

The OFC Junior Division is a proud member of the Canadian Junior Football League (CJFL), which consists of additional conferences in both British Columbia (BCFC), and the Prairies (PFC).

Currently, there are 20 Junior teams playing in the CJFL. Every November, the top teams in the CJFL battle it out for the Canadian Bowl, which is symbolic of Junior football supremacy in Canada. In various forms, this trophy has been competed for since 1908, making it one of Canada’s most historic national championships.

Effective February 2014, the OFC Junior division decided to increase their age limit to 24. All future inter-conference games are on hold until further notice as a result.